Hèila Rosso


Red Wine
Sicilia Doc
Vegan Wine - Organic Wine

This is our idea of Sicilian red wine ready to drink. Hèila red is a cool blend, to be able to drink daily, a wine that enhances the heat tempered by winds, typical of our area. The grapes are harvested by hand, de-stemmed and macerated in thermoregulated vats at 22/24° C, malolactic fermentation and aging takes place in stainless steel vats.


yield per hectares:
90 q.li
training system:
type of pruning:


Grapes harvested between the 10° and 20° day of september.

During the tasting you can see the violet red color and intense and lively hints. This wine is young and well balanced. Excellent
complement for dishes of the Mediterranean diet, risottos and soups.

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